Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rendarworld offers all types of background checks, including criminal background checks to businesses and individuals. Our services are packaged into solutions for every level of need. From frequent searches to single background checks, Rendarworld has the solution to meet your needs. We are one of the leading background search providers, Rendarworld offers our clients from a variety of different search types as per your company needs, by which you can ensure a perfect candidate who suits for your industry.


Hiring well-qualified candidates
Reduced employee turnover and the related expenses
Limiting exposure to claims of negligent hiring

When is the right time to conduct a background check? In general, the process should take place after initial applicant screening procedures are complete and an employer has made a conditional job offer. Once the process is underway, employers should not permit the new employee to begin working until the background check is complete.

Small-business owners might wonder if including a pre-employment background check during the hiring process is worth the additional time and expense. But when seriously considering a candidate for an open position, it can be very important to consider conducting a background check. It can offer employers the potentially valuable benefits of:


Simply having a pre-employment screening program in place could discourage applicants with a troubled history from applying for an open position. Since the Society for Human Resources Management estimates that as much as half of all resumes and applications contain false or misleading background information, the background check can help verify candidates’ qualifications before interviewing has even begun.

A background check can help ensure that only qualified individuals are considered for the job. Eliminating unqualified candidates can also mean less likelihood of having to terminate an individual later on and incurring the additional expense of starting the recruitment process all over again.